Huelva; British Influence - Itineraries from Seville airport

Huelva; British Influence - Itineraries from Seville airport

Itinerary: - Seville - Monasterio La Cartuja - Sierra de Aracena - Rio Tinto - Punta Umbria - Huelva - (2 days)

In Seville, go to the Isla Cartuja and see the Monasterio de Santa Maria de las Cuevas, with its old ceramics factory built by Charles Pickford. The factory is long out of use, but the tall brick chimneys are one of Seville's most famous landmarks, and the gardens and courtyards are shady and peaceful after the bustle of the city.

Leave Seville on the main road heading north, signposted Merida (A66). You will climb into the Sierra Norte, before turning off left towards Aracena (N433). Then turn off on the A476 to Las Minas de Rio Tinto. The extraordinary scenery - bare scorched red-coloured earth - gives you a clue; this is mining country. The town has a fascinating "mining park", including a museum, train ride, mine itself and Victorian barrio you can visit. The British ran the mines until the 1950s. Look out for the first golf course ever built in Spain, Corta Atalaya.

Stay in modest accomodation in Rio Tinto or drive north to Aracena. This is the small pretty town in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena natural park. Here are three superb, half day or full day itineraries from Aracena

Heading to east and then north in the Sierra are some of the least visited villages of the Sierra, located on the perimeter of the Sierra and Andalucía. Take the N-433 towards Seville from Aracena… More →

This route mainly follows the N-433. Starting with the ruined castle in Aracena: follow the signs to the Castillo (castle). You can drive up the hill and park at the top. The church is usually… More →

This route passes through some of the prettiest villages in the Sierra de Aracena and woodland typical of this area. Leaving Aracena going west towards Portugal on the N-433, the road goes past… More →

After Rio Tinto or returning from Aracena head west until you meet the N-435 and turn left, heading south. When you meet the A-49, follow this motorway into Huelva, and take the A-497. This will take you to Punta Umbria a pleasant seaside town, which still has a few houses remaining from the British mining days, including a museum.

Finally, head into Huelva on the H-30 to see the English neighbourhood, Barrio de Reina Victoria. Also look out for the Casa Colon and Muelle de Rio Tinto, a 1000-metre 19th-century iron pier, both dating from the British era. Then take the A49 back to Seville.


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