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Itineraries - Jerez to Seville

The sun drenched Plaza de España in Seville is well worth visiting. © Michelle Chaplow
The sun drenched Plaza de España in Seville is well worth visiting.

90km - 1 to 1 1/2 hours

From Jerez to Seville the traveller can either take the speedy toll motorway (A4) or the slower NIV highway.

Neither route is particularly interesting. These are the flat planes of the lower River Guadalquivir. Notice the acres of sherry vineyards stretching to the horizon.

6 km from Jerez on the NIV there is a turning to the small Jerez airport.

A detour of 10km from the NIV can be made to visit the small walled town of Lebrija which lies very close to the River Guadalquivir.

The roads pass Los Palacios y Vllafranca before entering Dos Hermanos where the toll motorway and the highway again meet. You are now only 15km from the center of Seville and you can sense that you are on the outskirts of the Capital and largest city of Andalucia. You are passing one of the industrial zones, there is no hint that just ahead lies the most majestic city of Southern Spain. The NIV leads straight into the heart of the city of Seville along the magnificent Avenida de las Palmeras.

At the SE30 ring road, Turn 'right' and travel anti-clockwise for Cordoba, Granada, Madrid and turn 'left' and travel clockwise for Huelva and Portugal and Extramadura.



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