Cordoba and Grananda - Itineraries from Seville airport

Cordoba and Grananda - Itineraries from Seville airport

Itinerary: Seville - Cordoba - Madinat Al-Zahra - Granada - (2 to 7 days)

Leave Seville heading east on the A4 to Cordoba city, you can stop off at Almodovar del Rio to see its magnificent castle, perched on a hilltop overlooking the river. In Cordoba, visit the Mezquita, the old Jewish Quarter and the restored riverside, with its bridges. If you're visiting in May, don't miss the patios. You can either head back to Seville, or stay the night and then next day visit the nearby 11-th century city of Madinat Al-Zahra.

Then leave Cordoba heading south-east on the A432 to Andalucia's other major historic city, home to the Alhambra - Granada and the Albaicin.

If you're short of time, you could manage these two cities in two days; otherwise, take a couple of nights in each city, ideally with a full day for the Alhambra. This is the most-visited monument in Spain, so you should book tickets well in advance. You can either return your hire car at Granada airport, or take it back to Seville.

See Granada for more excursions from the city.


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Car Hire Itineraries from Seville Airport to Cordoba & Granada

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