Regional Trains - Granada to Linares-Beaza



By Fiona Flores Watson


Time: 2hr 20mins
Frequency: none 
Stops: Iznalloz, Moreda, Alamedilla, Cabra del Santo Cristo, Huesa, Larva, Los Propios y Cazorla, Jodar-Ubeda.

This route is now withdrawn. The lines and intermediate stations are served with the Seville to Almeria Route and the Almeria to Madrid route.  

Leaving Granada,the train heads first north alongside the motorway, and then east into the Sierra Arana, the northern part of the Sierra Nevada It stops at Iznalloz and then Moreda, and then turns north. The next station is Alamedilla, a good way from the town iself, after which the line crosses into Jaen province. It heads up into the Sierra Almaden Magina, continuing north to Cabra del Santo Cristo, Huesa and Larva, all isolated country stations.

The next station, Los Propios y Cazorla, is for the towns of Los Propios del Guadiana, and Cazorla, the gateway to the massive national park- Spain's largest protected area - and mountain range of the same name. Next, the train turns east before stopping at Jodar-Ubeda, the station which serves Jodar to the south, and Ubeda to the north. This town, a UNESCO Heritage Site together with smaller nearby Baeza,has some magnificent Renaissance palaces and churches. The line carries on eastwards, along the river Guadalquivir, passing just south of Baeza itself, before turning north to the town of Linares, and its final destination, Linares-Baeza station.