Backpacking - Jerez

by Lee Gutcher


Jerez is the centre of the sherry triangle, and it is the opportunity to visit the huge sherry bodegas that draw large amounts of tourists every year.

Besides the delightful tours of the bodegas there are few reasons to warrant a longer stay in the city. There are the usual cathedrals, churches and castles but they compare poorly to those you can readily see elsewhere in Andalucia. It is definitely worth a day visit though.

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Arriving and Accommodation
The train and bus stations are situated next door to each other and there are plentiful budget accommodation options located within a few minutes walk.


Must See

  • Sherry Bodegas

By Choice

  • Cathedral - This 18th Century Gothic / Renaissance Cathedral is a disappointment in comparison to others in Andalucia.
  • Alcazar - This largely reconstructed castle is worth a look, complete with bathhouse and gardens. Also in the compound is a camera obscura which uses lens technology to give a tour of the entire city.
  • Barrio de Santiago - is the old gypsy quarter and a pleasant stroll with some interesting churches.
  • Archaeological Museum - is inferior to those in Cordoba and Granada but definitely worth a look.
  • The May Horse Fair

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