Baluarte de la Candelaría - Cadiz

Baluarte de la Candelaría - Cadiz

This seventeenth century bastion is one of the many military fortifications that were created in the city of Cádiz facing the sea, and around the entire perimeter of the historic center. The Baluarte de la Candelaria is located at the Punta Candelaria the northern strategic point of the city that guards the entrance to Cadiz bay.

It has an irregular and approximately triangular plan, with the south side open towards the city, and the northeast and northwest façades angled defensively towards the bay.

The bastion has an open interior space, the raison d’être of the reform carried out in the 1990s for the Museo del Mar, (Museum of the sea) complex which was never opened. The building is only occasionally open to the public for events such as temporary exhibitions.

The adaptation project for the museum was the work of the famous Sevillian architects, Antonio Cruz and Antonio Ortiz. The work, of great architectural interest, consisted in the creation of a new south façade. For this, a new portico created at the same height as the existing structure in order to support a concrete slab that would cover a new gallery.

Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest on December 1, 1940.

Opening Times:

Tuesday-Saturday, 10 to 14:00hrs and 18:00 to 21:00 hrs


Free Entrance


Tel: 956 80 8472


Located on Alameda Marqués de Comillas.


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