Hospital de Mujeres, Cadiz

Hospital de Mujeres, Cadiz

The construction of the building begun in 1736. The façade uses civil architectural canons in Cádiz style, although the decorative motifs have been evenly distributed around the building to create a complex monumental style.

The interior is designed around two communicating courtyards, between which there is a staircase. The main patio is divided into two sections, one of them formed by semicircular arches and the other based on pilasters. The second patio is simpler and smaller. The baseboards of both courtyards are decorated with Dutch tiles, mixed with bricks and marble slabs.  Here the Vía Crucis is made from Sevillian tiles from 1749 in which the scenes are based on old Italian and Flemish engravings from the seventeenth century.

Among the works of art in the chapel, there is  a painting by El Greco; La Visión de San Francisco with the Compañero de Espalda, dated about 1601. It  belonged to Bishop Armengual’s private collection.

Opening Times:

Monday-Friday, 08:00-13:00hrs and 17:00-19:30hrs


Free Entrance


Tel: 956 80 70 18


Located on Calle Hospital de Mujeres, 26


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