Alameda de Apodaca - Cadiz

Alameda de Apodaca - Cadiz

The Alameda de Apodaca is a cobble stone seafront promenade along the part of the sea wall on the northern side of the city overlooking the bay and the town of El Puerto de Santa María, on the other side.

Its westernmost end is the defensive Baluarte de La Candelaria, and it reaches the Plaza de Argüelles at its easternmost point where the walk continues along the  Baluarte y Murallas de San Carlos (Saint Carlos walls and bulwark)

It is one of the most interesting walks in the city located between the north façades of the old town and the seafront.  It features cobble stone walkway, a stone balustrade, old sentry boxes, old canons and ornate lampposts.  

Its western section is backed by the  Jardines de Alameda Apodaca. (Alameda Apodaca gardens) Some of the botanical specimens are also interesting, such as the giant weeping ficus tree.

Along its length are several monuments and statues. Marquis of Comillas towards center, between landscaped walks, fountains, and pergolas.  The bronze statue of the poet Carlos Edmundo de Ory is represented as having come down from the pedestal and walking towards the sea. There is also a work by Luis Quintero, erected in front of his birthplace, and inaugurated on April 27, 2015.