Casa del Almirante - Cadiz

Casa del Almirante - Cadiz

The Casa del Almirante was built by Admiral Don Diego de Barrios, after whom it it is names. It was constructed around the last quarter of the seventeenth century, by reconstructing an earlier mansion. The property has a traditional local layout, the façade  is topped with two viewing towers which are considered to be the oldest preserved towers in the city.

These towers were an essential complement in any wealthy merchant’s house and were used both for recreation and to monitor the port movements. The building harmoniously combines the older Spanish tradition and the newer works imported from Italy at the end of the seventeenth century.  The structure of the property has not undergone major transformations, so we can consider that it is practically preserved in its original state, although with a high degree of deterioration.

In the 1960s it underwent a modification in which some bricks from the pilasters of the top floor were removed. It was recently remodeled to become Cadiz first five star hotel with 20 luxury rooms, two elevators, as well as several lounges. The building was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest on May 6, 2005.


Located in Plaza San Martín.


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