Mercardo de Abastos - Cadiz

Mercardo de Abastos - Cadiz

The market is an important public building located in the heart of the old historic and traditional center of Cádiz. This remarkable and unique building was built in 1830.   Architecturally it belongs to the new aesthetic trend of Cadiz neoclassicism, which has been popular in the city since the last decades of the eighteenth century.

The style was created by to the famous academic and neoclassical architect, Torcuato Benjumeda, born in 1757 in El Puerto de Santa María, and became director of works of many other buildings both in the city of Cádiz and the surrounding towns.

The building which originally consisted of two storeys, was later re-built by another architect, Juan Daura.

The building was also originally conceived as a wide open plaza with a perimeter portico, however in 1928 this large central space was filled with two pavilions to expand the market. This was a project by Juan Talavera, however it lost the original concept of a wide interior plaza. Nowadays in addition to the classic fish, fruit or vegetable stalls, which are found in the large food market, there is an area for bars and cafes.


Located in the Plaza de la Libertad


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