Iglesia del Carmén - Cadiz

Iglesia del Carmén - Cadiz

This church has its origins in the last years of the seventeenth century. Since 1680 there has been in the city a Convent to worship the Virgen del Carmen.

The master mason  José Bolaños directed its construction, between 1743 and 1762.

Among its fixtures the main altar is noteworthy. The main body of the church is a  central dressing room which houses the image of its patron;  Virgen del Carmen, this effigy is the work of Gabriel de Arteaga from the year 1774.

Due to the location of the church, north of the city facing the Bay of Cádiz, its interior space enjoys abundant natural lighting.

From the outside the church is unmistakable, due to the two graceful and bulging Baroque belfries that decorate its main façade. The center of this main façade is adorned with two marble statues by Manuel Rosato, dating to 1764.

The church was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2009.


Located on Alameda Marqués de Comillas.


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