Iglesia de San Antonío - Cadiz

Iglesia de San Antonío - Cadiz

The church traces its origins to a chapel called Campo de la Jara that existed in the same location.

The current building dates from the middle of the seventeenth century, some historians place it around the year 1770. It has undergone various reforms, the most important and the one that gives it its current layout, was the one carried out in the second half of the nineteenth century, between 1868 and 1871. This was a renovation and expansion project by Fernando Ortiz de Vierna.

The main façade is baroque sandstone divided into two sections, supported by Corinthian columns, the first with Solomonic columns, the second, where an open  niche contains a marble sculpture of San Antonio. This main façade is striking since the two tall towers that frame it, correspond to the reform of 1858. Some elements relate to the reform of the the mid-twentieth century.

The main altarpiece made of polychrome wood imitating marble, is a neoclassical work of the architect Manuel García del Álamo (1813-1888).


Located in Plaza de San Antonio.


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