High-speed meduim-distance trains - Seville to Malaga

AVANT the High-speed meduim-distance train routes in Andalucia
AVANT the High-speed meduim-distance train routes in Andalucia


Time: 1hr 55 mins
Frequency: 9-12 trains daily
 Stops: Cordoba,Puente Genil, Antequera.


After leaving Seville, you will pass through the campiña,a fertile, rolling, sparsely populated lowland planted with olive trees.The first historic town after Seville is Utrera look out for the towns of walled Marchena and Osuna; all three have castles. The line then turns south, to go towards the coast. You climb up to Puente Genil, the next station, and cross the river Genil. Then you continue south through the Sierra de los Caballos to Antequera. 

Antequera is a new station out of town and little-used. Some have said this station is a white elephant, but when the Seville – Granada AVE route is finished Antequera Station will be an interchange located not far from Bobadilla station, the important hub on the old lines (Crewe junction of Andalucia). You pass the lakes of El Chorro, but not as spectacularly close as the old railway line. Now crossing the motorway near Campanillas, a village or more correctly a Malaga district between Cartama and Malaga, it is a short, slow, smooth ride into the Malaga Maria Zambrano terminal. 

All this section of new AVE line can be clearly seen from the window on the left side of an aeroplane approaching Malaga Airport from the north.. It looks like a new scar on the arid landscape.

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