Archaelogical Delights - Itinerary from Malaga airport

Archaeological delights in Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow
Archaeological delights in Andalucia clockwise: Malaga, Antequera, Granada, Loja © Michelle Chaplow

Archaelogical Delights - Itinerary from Malaga airport

Itinerary: Malaga - Antequera - Loja - Granada - (2 days)

Leave Malaga heading north on the A45. You will drive through the Parque Natural Montes de Malaga. When the road forks, head left to Antequera. This is a small, ancient town with Roman , Moorish and Bronze Age remains, including two important dolmens.

Then head east on the A92 to Loja, with its Moorish castle and Renaissance granary, on the Genil river. Further archaeological sites can be found nearby at La Esparanza and Manzanil. Then, with the Sierra de Loja limestone peaks to your south, continue east across the fertile plain of Granada to the capital itself.

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